We've been helping Small Businesses, Not-for-Profits and Charitable Organizations in the DC Metropolitan Area since 1986.

We install, support and maintain:

Small Office / Home Office Businesses from 1-25 users and 1-50 devices.

Networks (Wired and Wireless), shared internet access (Cable, DSL, FiOS, Leased Line, Cellular), shared storage, shared printers and copiers, centralized backup and archiving, centralized Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware protection, Smartphone access.

Cloud Services including Hosted Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, Smartphone access, message and communications archiving, Microsoft Lync Server.

Remote Access including telecommuting, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Workstation to LAN, Remote Office, LAN to LAN (even multiple LANs simultaneously.)

Disaster Recovery Planning anticipating Multiple Points of Failure.

Specializing in Microsoft, Dell & HP Products and Cloud Services appropriate to the scale of your business, and scalable as your business grows.

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